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Welcome to Ahmedabad Agency family. Looking beyond chemistry We build relationships, We provide Solutions .. Technology .. Innovation .. Formulatory Support .. Research .. .. .. We are Marketing Partners to - GALAXY SURFACTANTS LTD. - CLARIANT CHEMICALS (INDIA) LTD. - AKZONOBEL SURFACE CHEMISTRY ( ICI INDIA LTD. )
Ahmedabad Agency is a leading trading and export house. It provides the best quality products both of Indian and International grade with superior customer services to serve all your needs in the field of Aromatic Chemicals, Cosmetic Raw Materials and Pharmaceutical Raw Materials.

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 By INCI Designation  By Product Name
 Product Name
Aristoflex AVC
Aristoflex HMB
Aristoflex PEA
Amaze XT
Celquat 240C
Celquat LS 50
Dry Flo PC
Dermacryl 79
Galaxy 100
Galaxy 111
Galaxy 123
Galaxy 200
Galaxy 226
Galaxy 2932
Galaxy 600
Galaxy 610
Galaxy 622
Galaxy 689
Galaxy 699
Galaxy 780
Galaxy 789
Galaxy 789 SP
Galaxy 799
Galaxy 799 G
Galaxy 799 SP
Galaxy ALES 
Galaxy ALS
Galaxy Bandruff
Galaxy BKC
Galaxy BKC AT
Galaxy CAPAO
Galaxy CAPB
Galaxy CAPB DC
Galaxy CAPB Plus
Galaxy CB
 Product Name
Galaxy Coco - UV
Galaxy CX
Galaxy ESS
Galaxy LAO
Galaxy LAPAO
Galaxy LES 170
Galaxy LES 70
Galaxy LES 
Galaxy LESS P
Galaxy LESS Paste
Galaxy MW 251
Galaxy MW 252
Galaxy MW 253
Galaxy MW 257
Galaxy MW 258
Galaxy MW 259
Galaxy MW 287
Galaxy PEG 7 Glyceryl Cocoate
Galaxy SHS
Galaxy SN 800 Series
Galaxy SN 930
Galaxy SN 937
Galaxy SN 940
Galaxy SunBeat
Galaxy Tosyquat
Galsilk 700
Galsilk 701
GalSORB Avobenzone
GalSORB Benzophenone-3
GalSORB Benzophenone-4
Genamin CTAC
Genamin KDMP
Genamin STAC
Genapol HS 020
 Product Name
Genapol HS 200
Genapol PGM
Genapol SBE
Hostacerin WO
Hostaphat CC100
Hostaphat CK100
Hostaphat KL 340D
Hostapon CT Paste
Hostapon KCG
Hostapon SCI-65 C
Hostapon SCI-78 C
Hostapon SCI-85 C, G, P
Locron S
Medialan LD
Natrasorb Bath
Nigapin M
Nigapin M Sodium
Nipaguard DMDMH
Nipasol M
Phenoxyethyanol P25
Phenoxyethyanol P5
Silcare Silicone 41M15
Silcare Silicone SEA
Sparkle 630
Sparkle 670
Structure XL
Velsan CCT
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