Galaxy TBB

(SN 900 Series - Transparent Bathing Bar bases)

Galaxy TBB flakes are unique bases for the preparation of Transparent Bathing Bar using Melt & Pour Technology. It helps to satisfy wider expectations of consumers.

With Galaxy TBB flakes, ʻAlcohol & Amine freeʼ Transparent Bathing Bars can be prepared in just few easy steps as below.

Galaxy TBB
Bathing Bar Type Galaxy TBB offering
TFM > 40% (by mass) TFM < 40% (by mass)
Transparent Bathing Bar Galaxy SN 937 HHS Galaxy SN 931 P&T
Opaque Bathing Bar Galaxy SN 947 Galaxy SN 940
Sulfate Free Transparent Bathing Bar Galaxy SN 967 SF Galaxy SN 960 SF

Key Benefits:

  • Crystal clear transparency
  • Complies with TFM requirement
  • High yield even on re-melting
  • Enables easy incorporation and delivery of actives
  • Generates good foam even in hard water
  • Excellent fragrance retention across its life cycle
  • pH: 9.0-10.5 (5% aq. soln)
  • Free alkalinity ‒ Nil
  • Nature: solid flakes

Typical Application:
Herbal, Medicinal, Exfoliating, Moisturizing Bathing Bar, Glycerin Bathing Bar

  • Kosher Certified
  •  Halal Certified
  •  Ecocert Attestation
  • pH measured 10% aq. soln./+1% aq. soln./# as such
  • ^Anionic active content

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