Preservative systems are a critical component in most formulations as they are key to maintaining a productʼs safety and integrity. Galaxy preservatives portfolio meets the need of broad-spectrum and effective antimicrobial protection in various formulations.

ProductINCI / Chemical NamePhysical FormActive Matter, min.Phenol ContentpHTypical Known ApplicationBenefits
Personal CareHome Care
OralHairSkinBabyFabricHard Surface
Phenoxyethanol PR PhenoxyethanolLiquid99.0<150 ppm5.5 ‒ 7.0      Effective against gram-negative & gram-positive bacteria.
Phenoxyethanol P10 PhenoxyethanolLiquid99.5<10 ppm5.5 ‒ 7.0      
Phenoxyethanol P5 PhenoxyethanolLiquid99.5<5 ppm5.5 ‒ 7.0      
Galguard Trident Optimized isotropic microemulsion of: Phenoxyethanol, Capryloyl Glycine, & Undecylenoyl GlycineLiquid64 5.5 – 7.0*      • Broad-spectrum antimicrobial protection. • Free of parabens • Free of Formaldehydereleasers • Free of Isothiazolinones
  • Kosher Certified
  • pH measured as 1% aq. Soln or dispersion / *5% aq. Soln.

Authorised Distributor for Western Region

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